Member of the press? Download the current press release here. Contact us at 561-371-5204 or for more information or to schedule an interview with a death row survivor, death row warden, murder victim family member, or one of our many other activists and experts.

Part of an organization or activist network? Help us promote the Fast and Vigil to your local media and within your organization! You can make the most of your participation by alerting your local media to the fact that you are coming to this event. Think about the communities you are in. Does your school have a news paper? Does your diocese? Does your major metropolitan newspaper have a "Community" section that invites people to submit their own material? Here are some resources to help you:


While our event itself may not garner lots of news articles about what we are doing June 29 to July 2, the media DOES show up to gather images and interviews that will be used in forthcoming reports.  The Fast and Vigil is frequently the only public visibility event that national media and wire services have access to, so our presence and signage are seen around the world long after the event ends.  Below are some recent samples (images linked to the articles).

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